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Enabling the Meat 2.0 Food Revolution

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Mooji Meats is developing an alternative to existing texturing technologies. By producing superior textures at high quantities and low costs, we overcome today’s trade-off between authenticity and scalability.

Plant-based meat alternatives and cultured meat are poised to revolutionize the food industry in the years to come. Yet, texturing these meats is difficult and slow, and the reason why most companies still focus on ground meat. Authentic whole cuts are needed to compete with the real meat industry in the long-term.

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Our proprietary process yields best in class textures for an authentic mouthfeel.

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Our solution allows for high throughput and is the first solution of its kind suitable for mass production.

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Our solution costs less than one fifth of comparable processes.


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Plant-based meat

$25B market opportunity today

Cultured meat

$630B market opportunity by 2040

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Enabling the Meat 2.0 food revolution

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