About Mooji

Welcome to the innovative world of plant-based steaks, where sustainability meets culinary excellence. Our proprietary process, developed at Harvard, creates delectable steaks that are free of animal products.


Creating whole cuts is the holy grail of the plant-based meat industry. Thanks to our proprietary process, we've achieved the perfect flavor and texture, bringing us one step closer to providing a delectable and animal-free steak cut for all occasions.


We believe that plant-based meat will only be successful if it is as affordable as conventional meat. Our process enables manufacturing at scale and price parity to real steaks.


Our mission is to offer an authentic plant-based alternative to beef steaks that not only satisfies your taste buds but also provides the same luxury as real steak, all while helping tackle the climate crisis.


Our Team

Insa Mohr
Insa Mohr
CEO and Co-Founder
Perry W. Ellis
Perry W. Ellis, PhD
Sr. Research Engineer
Perry W. Ellis
Tilman Schober, PhD
Sr. Food Scientist
Chloe Toutain
Tanvi Majumdar
Food Scientist
Roxi Smith
Roxi Smith
Food Scientist
Tilman Schober
Chloe Toutain
Jr. Research Engineer
John Moleno
Tom Lynch
Food Scientist & Chef
Ryan Walker
Jochen Mueller, PhD
Jennifer Lewis
Prof. Jennifer Lewis
Scientific Advisor
Harvard University
Mark Skylar-Scott
Prof. Mark Skylar-Scott
Scientific Advisor
Stanford University
Aletta Schnitzler
Aletta Schnitzler, PhD
Scientific Advisor